who are we?

we are Interactive.

about us.

We look to constantly improve the way we do business and implement online solutions rather than “redundant” labour to provide our core function to ensure data integrity and peace of mind.

the interactive accounting team.

We share our learnings with our clients and help them to build more scalable businesses using the best cloud based technology for their given industry.

Whatever your business we have a range of accounting and business solutions to meet your needs.

our values

The values that drive our business, our development and our brand. This is what makes us tick.

Scalable technology for scalable businesses

Our commitment to our clients is to select software to streamline and simplify their business and put in place real time information enabling real time decision making. With top notch training and support, our clients will scale with efficiency.

Disrupt the establishment

Disruption is akin to change, change is progress and innovators are always a thorn in the side of the established. Interactive Accounting is not the regular old boring accounting and technology service provider, we have some pazazz and style with a tonne of bravado. Never hide this, never be ashamed of this. Be proud of knowing that we exist to provide greater value through disruption and to those whom are disrupted, welcome to accounting 2.0.

Advance, as One

A wise person once said, you are only as good as the team around you. As a team, as One, we should aim to continually move forward. Individual brilliance is encouraged to be achieved, but, our team brilliance is the desired outcome. Share, care and celebrate with and for your fellow team member and they will do the same for you. When we make decisions in our daily operations we take into account how initiatives and decisions will affect our colleagues, clients and stakeholders.

Interactive in name and nature

As a company, we need to make sure that we create interaction in our client relationships at every chance. Through communication we will avoid the errors of assumption and be front of minds for our clients. We are interactive, we must be interactive at every opportunity.

Practice what we preach

We are the online accounting firm, we have no paper, no disconnected systems. As such, we can advise our clients on how to do the same. When we give advice, we need to make sure that we are advising from experience and what we know works. We will not mislead or f*&k" our clients with false information, hopes and aspirations. We want our clients to think of us and have a smile on their faces. At interactive Accounting we're constantly looking for ways to improve our company, our products and our environment.

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